Samantha Wilkinson

Samantha is Roxburgh & Associates’ newest roxstar agent. She claims that she, “Grew up a real estate brat.” Her mother does residential, her father does commercial. Her great grandfather came to Ellis Island from Poland as a baker, and made his life and name in American through real estate. “It’s in my blood,” she says. Not to mention, her husband is a lender, sooo… The resale division is where Sam particularly shines. She excels in providing value to those that have entrusted her to sell their home and find the perfect place to reestablish. Sam is a hunter – meaning she’s hungry, hardworking, and is confident in her abilities to make things happen.

A phrase that she loves is, “There’s no such thing as failure – only feedback.” She admits that she stole that phrase from an ex, but loves it! Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Sam found herself in Utah in 2008 and loves the four seasons, and activities within the landscapes, and the close proximity to a plethora of other destinations. Her favorite TV shows include “The League”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Office”, and “Modern Family”. When asked who her favorite human is, she replies, “My husband because he makes me laugh all the time, puts up with my crap, and is the Jim to my Pam in so many ways”. A feat she would pursue if time and money weren’t an issue is becoming a whitewater rafting guide. 

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