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8 Ways to Become the Favorite Neighbor


8 Ways to Become the Favorite Neighbor

Shane Roxburgh

Shane – the man, the myth, and the legend...

Shane – the man, the myth, and the legend...

Sep 28 3 minutes read

A strong sense of community fosters many things, including feelings of safety, belonging, and support. One of the easiest ways to build a community starts by getting to know and bonding with your neighbors! Here are some ideas to help you break the ice and ultimately become the favorite neighbor:

1. Greet Them

If there's a new neighbor on the block or if YOU find yourself as the newbies, simply say hello, knock on their door, or introduce yourself. A friendly greeting and quick introduction is a great way to start.

2. Hang Out & Around

Open your door, play some music, sit on your porch – be available and make it easy for people to approach you. If you hermit, chances are you won't meet or get to know anyone on your block. 

3. Host a Party

This one's obvious, but hey – everybody likes an excuse to have a party! Invite your street to stop by for a happy hour, to watch a sports game, or to share some yummy eats. Keep it simple. The less intimidating and "fancy", the better. 

4. Help Out

Lend a hand. Offer to shovel snow from their driveway or dig out their car after a snowstorm. See your neighbor struggling to carry all the groceries inside? (Because let's face it, taking more than one trip just isn't acceptable.) Offer to grab a couple bags and help them out. It's the little things! Showing that you're aware of your neighbor and their needs is one of the best ways to end up at the top of the favorite neighbor list.

5. Give a Gift

Buy their affections! We're kidding... Kinda! Try giving something small. Baked goods, a ticket to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, or even fresh produce from your home garden! Small gifts like this go a long way and help your neighbor to feel cherished and cared for.

6. Make an Email List

Create an email list or a private Facebook group to connect your block or street. Here, you can post birthday wishes, info about events happening in the community, set up play dates for the kids, the possibilities are endless on social media!

7. Walk the Dog

Walk your dog at a local park or get to know a neighbor's. By simply taking your dog for a walk through the neighborhood, you will meet and get to know many of your neighbors. Turns out it's hard to resist smiling or saying hi to people with dogs!

8. Get Involved

Attend a meeting of a local organization or volunteer your time. Neighborhood watch programs are a great way to get to know your neighbors and set up a plan of action for looking out for one another.

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